Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bow Ties and a trendy Mum

When your children ask that you make them something do you feel really proud that they want something made by you and jump to it straight away, forgetting everything else that needs doing? I don't get asked to make things very often now as my boys are both teenagers, and beyond the soft toys and dressing up costumes. So when my son asked me to make him a bow tie (thanks Dr Who!) I jumped at the chance to prove that I was not just the person who washes their clothes and puts dinner on the table, I too was once young and trendy and could do more than just homework supervision and taxi service.

This was my first attempt at making the bow tie.  I swear it took longer to learn to tie the thing than it did to make it.  Have you ever tried to tie a bow tie - we got so confused, but with the help of several diagrams and youtube videos, we managed it as you can see.

This is the second bow tie I made. I think I like this one better although it doesn't really show off the cartoon fabric very well, perhaps a smaller pattern would have looked better.  But my son was happy, and for once I was a trendy mum in life as well as my imagination.