Sunday, 30 October 2011

A months worth of crafting in one post!

I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve posted – I don’t think I’ve ever had such a long break from here.  I wish I could say that something exciting has happened to stop me from posting, but I can’t – I’ve just been really busy with life!

Anyway I have been crafting during my absence & I thought today I’d post some of the projects I’ve been working on, so without further ado, settle down for a long-ish post, with lots of photos. (well 5 actually, but it seems a lot as I’ve not been here for so long!)

Firstly, I have a couple of projects in the latest issue of Sew Hip:



A whole page photo for to each of them – I’m really excited.

I also made a picture for my new lounge:


Mr D&D still has his obsession with VW vans and he requested a fabric VW for the wall.

I found a packet of large coloured wooden beads for £1 – bargain, and used them to decorate the plain mirror in our downstairs loo:


and added them to the light pull too – I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many beads or too much colour!

I’ve also made a simple peg bag for a friend:


I think perhaps that is enough posting & photos for today, but I do have another couple of projects to share – and one tutorial which I’m hoping to take photos of while making – want a clue? I was inspired by the apple cosy crochet pattern in Mollie Makes … say no more, but anyone who likes crocheting for all the fruit in their life should check back soon!!!!!

Have a great Sunday



Monday, 3 October 2011

Carnival Costumes

It was our village carnival on 24th September, and my children all wanted to join in.  Luckily the primary school had the theme of Where’s Wally, so all we had to do was find costumes in red and white stripes with bobble hats – easy.

Sadly the theme my sons chose was a bit more challenging.


Batman Villains – Jack (my eldest) is the Riddler and Harry is the Joker.  Luckily I found a couple of pairs of light jeans in the charity shop, and made the jackets from an old bedsheet.  We then dyed them, and along with 2 old green t-shirts (converted into waistcoats) and a couple of bright t-shirts for underneath, their costumes were complete.  We couldn’t find any green hairspray for Harry’s hair, but we discovered that by covering it in gel, we could then add green face-paint to colour it.

They came second in the afternoon parade (beaten by some VERY cute 4 year old smurfs!)  But in the evening they won 1st place.  Yippeeeeee!

Made it all worth while really.