Monday, 24 September 2012

New Pow-Zap Lunch bag

I found this fantastic fabric while I was browsing Fabric Rehab and knew it would make some super lunch bags.


Just perfect for your very own superhero.



I only have enough fabric to make 2 of these bags, and as soon as I can take a decent photo of them (come on sun, hurry up and shine!) I will be putting them in my Etsy shop and on my website.  In the meantime if anyone would like to order one, then please send me an email and I will reserve one for you.



Sunday, 23 September 2012

Simple Gift for a Crafty Child

Over the last couple of days I’ve been putting together a kit for a simple purse suitable for an 8 year old girl.  I thought I’d share what I’ve put in the kit, just in case anyone feels like making one as a nice birthday or Christmas gift.


Firstly I took 2 pieces of felt that I’d already made by felting and dying an old blanket and sewed the zip between them.  I collected together some felt shapes I’d already cut using my Sizzix dies and popped them in a small bag.  I stamped a cotton reel shape onto a luggage tag and punched two holes in the bottom for some lengths of embroidery thread.  I needle felted a pincushion from wool roving in a light dusky pink colour and put some pins into it, and finally I added a piece of ribbon which I’d singed the ends of to stop fraying. 


I printed out some personalised instructions, which I cut out and glued onto some pretty paper, along with a couple of cut outs of sewing mice that I happened to have in my paper stash.

The whole thing fits into an A4 ziplock bag, and I think makes a lovely present for a crafty child.

I’d love to hear what you all think of my idea



Thursday, 20 September 2012

Look what happened when I turned my back …

Since the boy monster I made was looking a bit lonely, I made him a friend.


You can tell it’s a girl from the bow in her hair!  She too has a rice bag inside to make her warm and snuggly.


I introduced them and kept my fingers crossed that they’d like each other.


Notice the twinkle in her eye?  I left them alone for a moment and then when I came back, what did I find nestling in their laps?



These baby monsters are also filled with rice – just perfect for slipping into your gloves on a cold morning.


Right I’m off to separate the parents before my house becomes overrun with tiny monsters!



Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Monstrously Toasty Day

 Today I have been making a fleece monster!
But this is no ordinary monster – turn him over:
Open up the cleverly concealed velcro:
and you find the nuts and bolts that make him work! 
A rice bag, ready to remove, heat in the microwave and pop back inside the monster, making him lovely and toasty, just perfect for cuddling in bed, or on the sofa.  In face he actually does love the sofa, just look at where he ended up when my back was turned.
I’m really rather pleased with how he turned out, and I’m sure he’s not going to be an ‘only-monster’ for very long – in fact I have a bit of pink fleece around here somewhere, I’m sure he’d like a girl monster to keep him company.  Watch this space!

Monday, 17 September 2012

A Cushion Frenzy

I've had this fabric for ages, just ready for this specific purpose, but as usual with me, I can only seem to get on with making things when the deadline is imminent. My Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Australia (they arrive on Friday) and I wanted them to have a light, easy to carry present to take home to remind them of their visit to England.

(Please ignore the clash with my window seat - obviously I would never put such diverse fabrics that close together to photograph!!)

Anyway I've made 4 patchwork cushion covers so they can fold them up and pop them in their case - no excess bagage charge and hopefully a happy Aunt and Uncle.

I bought 4 FQ's of fabric from Fabric Rehab and cut them into 4 differently sized rectangles, and patchworked them together.  The backs are plain calico, but I've used the leftover patterned fabric to edge one side of the envelope backs (sorry no photo).  All of the cushions are slightly different.

These are two of them, the others are very similar, just with the fabrics in a different order.

Fingers crossed they'll like them.