Monday, 17 September 2012

A Cushion Frenzy

I've had this fabric for ages, just ready for this specific purpose, but as usual with me, I can only seem to get on with making things when the deadline is imminent. My Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Australia (they arrive on Friday) and I wanted them to have a light, easy to carry present to take home to remind them of their visit to England.

(Please ignore the clash with my window seat - obviously I would never put such diverse fabrics that close together to photograph!!)

Anyway I've made 4 patchwork cushion covers so they can fold them up and pop them in their case - no excess bagage charge and hopefully a happy Aunt and Uncle.

I bought 4 FQ's of fabric from Fabric Rehab and cut them into 4 differently sized rectangles, and patchworked them together.  The backs are plain calico, but I've used the leftover patterned fabric to edge one side of the envelope backs (sorry no photo).  All of the cushions are slightly different.

These are two of them, the others are very similar, just with the fabrics in a different order.

Fingers crossed they'll like them.