Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Splash of Colour

No sewing this weekend, however a friend & I took our youngest children to a pottery cafe in Salisbury.  Its called A Splash of colour, and is just off of the centre of Salisbury.  Daisy and I have been before, but it was all new to our friends.

We had a great time – spent about an hour and a half choosing and painting our items.

I painted this mug:

DSCF0761The colours are quite muted but am promised that they’ll be a lot brighter once its fired.

Here is Daisy with her pet Dragon

DSCF0763Her friend with his mug (and his can of drink – product placement, maybe I’ll get a free can of Tango now?!!!)


and finally my friends mug, which I absolutely love & wish I’d copied!


We’ve just got to cross our fingers and wait a week to find out what they look like after being fired.

Tomorrow I’m back to sewing, although its been so long since I had my sewing machine out, I’m not sure I’ll remember how to use it!

Enjoy the last dregs of your weekends –I have a pile of shirts waiting for me to iron them, roll on the school holidays.