Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fame … ish!

Has anyone seen the latest issue of Craftseller?  A couple of months ago they asked me for a true story about sewing and my business, and this month it was published.  How very exciting. 


There are some lovely photos of things I sell too, so hopefully it’ll lead to more people visiting my little shop.

Sewing-wise I’ve made this cushion for a friends daughter who was 13 a couple of weeks ago.


She asked me for a cushion with a horse on it, in light blue or light pink.  She loved it, and as she’s such a sweet girl, it gave me a lot of pleasure to make it for her.  Sadly as you will see from the creases, my ironing board was hidden away in the kitchen, right where the builders were working (that’s my excuse anyway!)  but she didn’t even mind the creases.