Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lots and Lots of Crafting

Right back to crafting!  I have a few bits and bobs that I’ve saved up to show you.

Firstly, the latest issue of Simply Homemade has some New Year projects that I designed.


There is a wall hanging, notepad cover, fabric covered canvas and a purse time-capsule.  They all use freezer paper to print from the computer.  These were the first things I’d made using freezer paper, and I was really surprised how easy it was to do. I like it for adding lettering to fabric as my handwriting isn’t always the neatest.

On Saturday we had a Christmas celebration in our village.  There was festive music, a street market and also (I was very excited about this one!) Santa arrived, walking down the high street accompanied by his elves.  I was lucky enough to be offered space in a local shop (the carpet shop where I work part-time) to set up my stall, so I didn’t have to spend the evening freezing on an outdoor market stall.


It was a great evening.  My lovely mum came to help & we spent the evening socialising as well as selling a few bits and bobs.

Before I went I spent a bit of time making some gift bags to give away with purchases.

DSCF8932I used some decorative papers that I had got free with a couple of different crafting magazines, and just cut & glued them into small bags.  I then put a thank you note inside each bag, with my contact details.  I also used the embellishments from the paper books to add to some plain white boxes, and again stuck the same little notes inside the top cover.


Everyone seemed pleased with the little boxes and bags, and hopefully some will lead to repeat business.

And finally last night I braved the horrendous weather & went to a wreath making workshop.  Please bear in mind that I am not a flower arranger – my attempts at arranging the odd bouquet I get consist of snipping the binding and throwing the flowers as they are into a vase.  But I did however manage to create this from various foliage that grows locally, plus a few artificial berries and some cinnamon sticks.


I’m very proud of myself as it actually looks like its supposed to, and for once, I’m not embarrassed to show you what I’ve done!

Right off for a lie down after all this creativity!