Saturday, 21 July 2012

Scarf and has anyone got a home for these bunnies?

Two things to share with you today, bunnies who are looking for a new home,


and a work in progress:


First my scarf, it’s a knotted scarf made from some wool I had knocking about.  Yes, yes I know it’s the first sunny day we’ve had this year and I know that it’s July, but as I’ve already made & sent off my Christmas projects for Simply Homemade magazine, I’m convinced it’s much later in the year than it really is!  Anyway this scarf was inspired by a friendship bracelet in this month’s issue of Mollie Makes,

P1010165I made it one evening and when I showed my daughter the next morning, she asked why I was making a mini-scarf.  So I thought I’d upsize it just a bit, change the pattern around and voila, a scarf is born.

Right the bunnies – I was given these little bunnies,

P1010166but I really don’t have the space or the inclination to keep them, so I thought I’d ask out there in blogland if anyone would like them.  There are 6 of them in all, 2 of each colour, and the bunnies are covered in a sort of flock(?) type covering.  Sadly one of the blue bunnies has had a bit of a fight and the fabric torn away from his ear.    They have some sort of wire spike at the bottom.


Ahhhh – look at that cute face, who could resist it!

If anyone would like them, just leave me a comment and at the end of next weekend I’ll see who wanted them and post them out to you.  If more than one person wants them then I’ll pick names from a hat.  I’m sorry I can only post them to the UK, (as I’m not quite sure how I’d declare them on the customs form).  If nobody wants them then boo hoo they’ll have to find a new home at the local charity shop.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.