Monday, 26 November 2012

Crochet Scarves


More crochet to share with you today – I hope you’re not too bored with the crochet yet – I promise next time to show you something other than yarn based crafts!

Firstly a scarf I crocheted for my husband (who managed to leave his scarf on the train!).


I had a ball of blue variegated wool that I’d bought a while back, and so I started to crochet this scarf.  I actually had to send my husband back into town to get another ball as I didn’t quite have enough to finish it (you know it’s love if he’ll go and buy wool for you!) The scarf is really long – 250 stitches, and although it’s not completely clear from this photo, it has a ribbed pattern.

When I saw how well it’d come out I decided that I’d like a similar one for myself – here is mine:


I had an old scarf I’d knitted a year or so ago, which I didn’t wear as it kept curling up (I’m not good at knitting!), so I unpicked it and set about making this scarf.  It’s slightly shorter, only 200 stitches long, and again I’ve crocheted it in a rib pattern, but this time I left gaps every other row.  I really didn’t know how it would come out when I started it, but I love it.  It’s quite lacy and light, and just the perfect length for looping through.


Next time no more crocheting (well maybe a tiny bit, but I promise there will be something different too!)