Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Minion, mini-Minion and mini-mini-Minion

I was spending a lovely few minutes browsing on Etsy and what should jump out of the page shouting “Pick me….pick me!” but this crochet pattern for a Minion.  The pattern is for two different Minions, but this one was my favourite.


I must admit to making a few changes to the pattern, simply because I didn’t have the exact colours required and I didn’t have any toy eyes so I crocheted the first row of the eye with black wool instead.  Not quite as cute, but acceptable.

Once I’d finished, my mind begun whirring and I wondered how easy it would be to make a mini-minion:


And then, just because I could, I made a mini-mini-minion!


The tiny one doesn’t have arms and legs so is more of a jelly bean shaped minion, but I though he was cute anyway.