Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cushion Competition

When the lovely people at Terrys Fabrics emailed me to see if I would be interested in their craft bloggers cushion challenge competition, I popped over to their site to see what fabrics they had.  As part of the challenge I got to choose 2 fabrics which were sent to me, along with an 18” cushion filler.
These are the two fabrics I chose:

Twist Curtain Fabric

and for those familiar with my blog, this next choice of fabric won’t really come as any surprise:

Campervans Curtain Fabric

The fabrics were 100% cotton and were a heavier weight that quilting cotton, so were perfect for making cushions.

This is my entry for the competition.  A reminder that we all have the power to dream of bigger things:





I’ve used an envelope back so that the cover can come off and be washed, and I have added a couple of the front facing vans on the reverse of the cushion just to carry the theme on.


Lovely fabric and a cushion that is just perfect for my living room.