Friday, 11 October 2013

Simple Crochet Scarf Tutorial

Scarves are one of the simplest things to make from crochet.  I’ve only used treble crochet and chains to make this one.  Like my granny square tutorial I am using a cotton yarn and a larger hook than recommended, both of these are just so that the stitches are easier for you to see.  I am also using different colours for each row so you can see it easier – you can either copy the colour changes or just work in a single colour.

Chain 25, this makes quite a narrow scarf, simply add more stitches if you want a wider scarf.


Chain 3 extra stitches, this will count as the first treble in your row


Treble into the fourth chain from the hook


Treble into the next chain


Treble into each stitch of the row


Chain 3, and turn your work over, ready to work back down the row


Have a quick look at the top of the stitches here, you should see a row of ‘V’ shapes all the way down. 


When you are making the next row, be sure to put the hook under both sides of the ‘V’ shape.

Now you know what to look for, find the next treble in the row and make a treble into the top of it


Continue to treble down the row until you reach the end. 


Now the only tricky bit left is finding the last stitch to treble into. This is probably where you are going wrong if your rectangles start to get a little more triangle-shaped. At the start of the previous row you did 3 chains.  (the green stitch just above my thumb in this photo)


Your last treble should be into the top of this chain, like this:


If you’re not sure if you’ve done it or not, then count your stitches to make sure you have 25 (or more if your original chain row was longer)


For the next row, as before, chain 3, turn your work over, and treble into each stitch of the row.
Keep going until your scarf is the length you want.  If you want to turn it into a snood/cowl then just sew the ends together.


Hope that helps you get started.