Monday, 14 March 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Bags

Thought today I’d share some Easter bags I’ve been making.

chickenfelt2 and a close up of the chicken as the photo didn’t come out too well.

chickenfelt This is the inside of the same chicken bag, just some children’s cotton I had hanging about:


I also made this bag, which is slightly madder as I suffer badly from trying to use too many different patterns on the same bag!  Perhaps next time I’ll tone it down a little.


These bags are just the right size for Easter Egg hunting.  I’ve made them in the same way as my monster & embroidered bags, but this time I’ve just added a chicken appliqué to them.  I used bondaweb to attach the chicken to the bags, but I’ve also sewn the chicken on too as I wanted to make sure they were suitable for young children.  The legs of the patterned chicken are just attached using a 6 stranded piece of embroidery thread.

Am planning on making another couple of bags with bunnies or Easter eggs on them, but that is a job for another day.