Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tutorial Simple Paper Boxes

I thought I’d share a quick tutorial with you today.  Simple paper boxes that are ideal for putting small handmade gifts or chocolates in.


The good thing about these boxes is that you can make them whatever size you like – there is no real measuring involved and only 4 cuts to make – easy huh? 

You will need 2 square pieces of paper  - 1 for the top & 1 for the bottom of the box.  A4 paper cut into a square will make a box base or lid 3” x 3” (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

Find the middle, I would suggest you draw faint lines on the wrong side from corner to corner to find the middle.  These won’t be seen when the box is finished.  Then take each corner to the middle point and crease the fold.


Repeat for each of the corners


Then open them out again.


Next fold each corner up until it touches the fold on the opposite side


Repeat for all of the other corners.  Then fold each corner down to touch the line nearest to it.  (ignore the pink lines – they will be used later, I forgot to photograph this step so did it later!)


Are you still with me?  I hope this has made some sense!  Folding over now, next take your scissors and cut along the lines I’ve highlighted in pink (see I told you they would be used later!)  The ideas is that you cut down past 2 folded lines on opposite corners & down one fold on the other two corners.  Hopefully these photos will explain things a bit better.



Now for the part where you need more hands than you actually have!  Take one of the corners with the shorter cut & fold it over as in the photo below.  You will have to reverse the fold nearest to the corner point to make it lay flat on the base of the box.


Fold the opposite corner in the same way and hold it.


Then fold one of the longer edges up and over the sides.


Repeat for the other side.


Hey presto, the bottom of a box.  Repeat the above for a second time to make the lid of the box.  If you are using paper you can make both pieces the same size & they will fit together.  If you are using card or thicker paper, I suggest you make the bottom of the box slightly smaller so it will fit nicely inside the top.

Hope these boxes come in handy for lots of things.