Thursday, 26 January 2012

Work in progress–window seat cushion

Apologies for the lack of posting – I’ve had a bit of a busy couple of weeks working.  Sadly no crafting accomplished, but I have earned a little bit of money so that I can indulge my fabric habit!

Anyway, my latest project is to make a cover for my window seat.


I order some fabric from Fabricworm, which arrived a couple of weeks ago & which I absolutely love.


So for the last couple of days I’ve been cutting squares and sewing them together.  I’ve managed to make the top, bottom and side pieces, all that is left now is to put them together.


I did start cutting the squares out with the Accuquilt cutter I won, but sadly the 5” square die doesn’t cut at all cleanly and I was finding that I had to finish cutting all of the squares out manually, and I was getting a bit annoyed with it.  So I went back to the cutting mat & rotary cutter and millions (well, it felt like that) of squares later I had enough to make the cover.

Shall I say I’ll put it all together tomorrow? or will you hold me to it?  I know - I’ll say I’ll finish it by the end of next week and then it’ll be a nice surprise & will make me look highly efficient when I finish it early!