Monday, 6 February 2012

Window Seat Cushion and Fabric Photos (again)!

Well, I did it, I finally finished my cushion at 7pm last night!


It was so much harder to make than I’d ever thought it would be, as its an odd shape.  I drew around the cushion and cut it from the fabric I’d already patchworked.  Then I had to fit it to the edging – which resulted in me sewing it wrong the first time & having to unpick it before I decided that I wouldn’t try to cut corners and I would really have to pin it together before stitching it!  Getting the foam into the cover was slightly tricky too (should’ve bought a longer zip!)  but after 10 minutes of wrestling and bending the foam, I managed it.


Here is a slightly closer photo of the fabric, just so you can see how lovely the colours are.

I’ve also just got the latest copy of Simply Homemade Magazine & any regular readers of my blog may recognise some of the things in there:


Patterns for making my fabric pictures are now featured in there, along with a stitched family word search and how to make a fabric picture of your house.  Obviously my house doesn’t have yellow walls and an orange roof, and at this time of the year, my tree is definitely not that green, but to all intents and purposes, that is my house.