Saturday, 11 February 2012

Padded Gadget Case

What a perfect start to my day - the arrival of my fabric from Fabric Rehab.  I’d ordered some gorgeous fabric for my next projects in Simply Homemade, but while I was placing my order I couldn’t resist adding a few bits of my own, namely their emergency budget bundles in pink, blue and yellow. 



How gorgeous are these?  The pieces of fabric were also much larger than I’d thought they’d be too.

Daisy spotted the fabric before I’d hidden it away and asked if I could make her a case for her new ipod – guess which fabric she picked?


A good choice I’m sure you’ll agree.  I added a layer of wadding to make it a little bit more padded, and used a piece of fabric from my scrap box to line it.


If you are very observant, you will notice I managed to sew the buttonhole slightly (or strongly) to one side.  Luckily Daisy is not fussy and is very happy with her gadget case.  The best bit is I have enough of the monkey fabric left to make another case!

Hope everyone else had as good a day as me