Friday, 11 February 2011

Felt bags and VW Van Pictures

I’ve had a bit of a mad week really, with varying bits of work, illnesses (children, not me luckily) and not very much crafting!  I do have a few bits to show you if you are interested of things I’ve made over the last few weeks, that I’ve finally managed to finish.

Firstly I found a place for the VW van pictures I made.  I think I’ve already shown you the top red coloured picture that I sewed and then painted with fabric paint.  The bottom right I’ve appliquéd fabric in the shape of the same van and sewn around the edges of it.  The top right and bottom left pictures are just some lovely fabric I got from Sewciety and framed.vwpictures

Sadly this is the best photo I could get as they’re in my downstairs loo and its so tiny I couldn’t get far enough away to get a photo!

My felt craze is still continuing at a fast pace – I knitted a bag from 100% wool yarn, and washed it & this is how it turned out.

feltedbag I knitted the handles too but the bag felted much more than the handles.  I guess that I should probably have tested a piece of each first.  I embroidered a heart onto it with embroidery thread after I’d felted it and also sewed the handles on post-washing machine.  Its only a little bag but I’m sure I can find something to fill it with.

Finally here is the other piece of felting I’ve been playing with.

DSCF8474 DSCF8473

This time I made the bag in one piece by felting around a piece of oilcloth I’d cut into the shape I wanted.  It was the first time I’d attempted something like this so am pleased that it came out in the right sort of shape.  Have made some felted handles to attach to it but they’re still drying so will have to do that tomorrow. 

Talking of tomorrow after a hard morning in the carpet shop I’m off to a felting class with Elisabeth at Sewciety.  Can’t wait.  Will try to remember my camera and take lots of lovely photos.