Thursday, 3 February 2011

Toasty warm Felt Slippers


This is the first post I’ve tried using Windows Live Writer, so if if comes out a bit strange, then apologies.  Am hoping that it’ll make adding photos a lot easier.

I’m not quite sure where the last couple of days have gone, I’ve been so busy running after other people that I feel my feet have barely touched the ground. So this evening I was determined to carve out a little bit of time to make something I wanted to make.


Some slippers for my daughter.  Probably not the right time of year to make them as the weather here has just begun to warm up, but I’m sure that we’ll get some more cold weather & she’ll be grateful for them!  They’re lined with some of the lovely blanket felt I have, so not only are they cheerful, they’re warm too.

I got the pattern from a copy of Homestyle Sewing that I bought back in December. 


I liked the pattern then & had been promising to make them. They went together fairly quickly, however I’m glad they were for my daughter and not me as they came out very narrow.  They are a bit too long for her yet, but I’m going to add a bit of elastic at the heels and then they will be fine.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll adjust the pattern and make some for me.