Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dyeing Blankets : Final instalment

Full of enthusiasm for dyeing blankets, I bought a pink dye and set about dyeing some more blankets.  This time I left out the red blanket and added the following blankets to the machine:


When I got them out I was so pleased with the colour, the strong pink is gorgeous, exactly as I hoped it would be.


Very bright and cheerful I’m sure you’ll agree.  Then as the packet of dye had suggested I set my washing machine to rinse, added the detergent & wandered off.  I came back a while later to an error message flashing up on the display – to cut a long story short, one of the blankets had shed masses of fluff and it’s managed to clog up my machine.  Sadly I can’t open the filter so I can’t clear it out myself, looks like its down to the engineer who’s due to come next Tuesday!

Think I’ll give home dyeing a miss and just buy the felt ready dyed – I’m sure it’ll be cheaper in the long run.