Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My First Attempt at Dyeing

I’ve had some pieces of woollen blanket knocking about for a while and I’d always intended in dyeing them to make more purses from, but hadn’t got round to buying the dye and then doing it.  Well yesterday after a lovely day at Wilton House Gardens with the children (doing my “good mother” bit!) I decided that the time was right to dye the blankets.

Here are photos of the original blankets, alongside the newly dyed ones.  Can you guess what colour dye I used?

DSCF0913 The bright red blanket is the pre-dyed above, and the cream and green is the original one below.DSCF0916


(The colours are slightly off on this last photo, the original is a soft yellow and the dyed one is a muddy brown colour.)

Yep, that’s right, I used Ocean Blue!  What I hadn’t taken into account is that the dye in the bright red blanket would run and change the colour of the other blankets!  

I really like the colour that the red blanket has turned out and quite like the purpley shades of the cream/green blanket.  I not so keen on the muddy brown colour though so I think I’ll have to get another box of dye and try again.  This time leaving out the red blanket!  Will let you know how I get on.





  1. Those look great! It's going to be interesting to see what you now turn them into. xxx

  2. What fun! Just remember the 'red blanket' incident was not a fail, you just learnt how not to dye with a brightly coloured blanket!