Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Shop advice wanted & Giveaway


I have been very lax with posting on here – for a crafting blog there have been very few craft posts recently.  However rest assured that I have been busy and in time I will share with you a couple of things I have been up to.

However… I am in the process of revamping my shop site, with lovely shiny new photos & hopefully a new look.  And here’s the favour I’m asking - if anyone has a spare five minutes and feels like having a quick look at my old site, I’d love any comments with anything you like, don’t like and you’d do differently.  Any advice with getting people to the shop (and making them spend some money while they’re there!) would also be much appreciated.  Click here for my shop site.

As a big thank you (or bribe!), I’m giving away 2 copies of my Yum Yum lunch bag e-pattern for the first 2 comments I pull out of the hat in a weeks time (29th June at 8pm uk time)

Am leaving you with a couple of photos of variations of the lunch bag pattern you could soon be making.

Thank you all

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