Sunday, 26 June 2011

Who Stole the sun? Pinafore to Skirt & Don’t forget my Giveaway.


We were all completely fed up with the weather after the long period of rain, cloudy & cooler weather we’ve been having - so when the weather man promised wall to wall sunshine today we dressed in shorts & t-shirts and headed for the coast.


This is what the weather was like at Weymouth at 11.30 this morning!  Cold, foggy & very very grey!  As this is the UK, we weren’t the only ones mad enough to be on the beach, it was actually very busy on the main beach.  Luckily it did brighten up – but only as we were heading back to the car!  Here is a photo of my daughter proving that it was warm enough to paddle as we were leaving.

DSCF0687Anyway back to crafting.  Yesterday I decided to turn one of Daisy’s school pinafores into a skirt as it had become increasingly short as she’s grown so much in the last year.


So I cut the top off

DSCF0661Sewed a casing for a piece of elastic and threaded it through.

DSCF0689A quick skirt to hopefully last her until the end of term!

And finally – for those people who have read my waffle until the end, don’t forget my giveaway for those lovely people who are willing to give me a bit of advice on my website.  Click here to go to the page.