Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother’s Day & New Sewing Machine Feet

I was lucky enough to have a sewing themed cake made for me today by my 11 year old son:


A patchwork cake – genius! It tastes absolutely gorgeous too.

This afternoon I’ve been having a play with the new sewing machine feet I bought from ebay last week.


I needed a Teflon foot for sewing on oilcloth, and while I was looking at the ebay shop I found these other two feet.  A piping foot & a bias binding foot.  Before this I’d been using a zip foot to create binding, but I found I never had enough hands to hold the piping inside the binding, stop it falling out from under the zip foot and at the same time feed it through.  The binding foot is great in that it feeds it through straight, and doesn’t slip from beneath the foot. 

I wish I’d found these feet sooner – it would’ve saved me a lot of time & trouble.

Daisy went away on a school residential trip last week and needed a wash bag to take with her.  I had an old piece of oilcloth that we used to use as a tablecloth (before it got bolognaise spilt on it & I couldn’t get it off) so I decided to make her a bag from the unstained bits.


Looks ok from that angle doesn’t it – the only problem is that I seem to have overestimated the size I’d need.  Here is another photo with the glue stick to show you the scale of the bag.


It’s giant!  More of a suitcase than a wash bag!  Luckily Daisy wasn’t bothered, and said at least it’d fit her towel in it too. 

I’ve now cut a couple of inches off the template and will have another try next week!