Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marvel Lunch Bags now in my shop

Finally I’ve managed to add the marvel lunch bags to my shop


A really bright and cheerful lunch bag, with a white lining and black button.


A brown and grey lunch bag, with character names on it.


Another bright colourful one with lots of superheroes on it.  The background is grey and white.


And finally another one with lots of superhero names, but this time in bright comic colours.

These are completely unique – I am planning on making just one more of each style, but they will all have different buttons.

They are all completely washable and tumble-dry-able.  I just throw my children's ones in with their uniform wash at the end of the week, and give them a quick rub over with the iron before they’re ready for a Monday morning.

I’ve also added them to my Etsy shop (Click here) so if you are overseas and would like one, you may like to order through that.