Monday, 8 October 2012

A Little Bit of Crochet

A couple of weeks ago I had an urge to crochet.  There must be something about the nights drawing in and the days getting chilly, but I decided that I would make and this time finish a blanket.


I did a bit of maths (obviously using a calculator!) – each square took 20 minutes & there are a grand total of 48 squares so I guess its taken me 16 hours of crochet plus quite a bit more time to sew it together and to edge it with treble crochet. 

Here’s another photo of it hanging on the back of my sofa - because I’m proud that I managed to finish it.


I used a chunky yarn and a size 4 hook, purely as I wanted it to be a lovely thick blanket, and I chose my favourite bright colours which go well with the colour of my sofa and curtains.  Sadly as it’s such a grey and misty day I can’t really do the colours justice – they are actually a lot brighter in real life, and the blue is a lot richer than it appears here.  Maybe I’ll wait for a sunny day and take another photo.

For my next project I’m sticking with crochet, and I’m hoping to update a pattern from the 70’s part work of Golden Hands – Are you excited yet?