Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lovely Warm Feet

I’ve been quiet over the last week with yet more crochet, in fact its safe to say I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the easy rhythm of hooking the wool and pulling it through.  I found a pattern for Mary Jane crochet slippers on the website Good Knits – and here is one of the finished slippers:


Why a photo of only one slipper? I hear you ask.  Ok… you asked for it – this is them together:



see the bar across the front, you will notice that I didn’t quite measure both the same, so the one on the right is very much longer than the one on the left – ooops!  Luckily they are only for me, and I’m happy to loop it around the button twice, but if I make any as a gift for anyone else, I’ll be sure to measure them right!

I only had chunky wool rather than DK, but to be honest that worked better for me as my feet are a size 8 and if I’d used DK then I would have had to increase the length of the foot.  I might try another pair in DK for my daughter – I’ll let you know whether they fit her size 6 foot.

Next time I might be ready to show you my 70’s pattern revamp, but it’s taking a little longer to make than I expected.  I’m just hoping it will be worth the wait!