Saturday, 20 October 2012

Halloween Costume–Gravedigger

We had plans for the whole weekend that fell through at the last minute, so Daisy and I found ourselves home alone this morning.  We used the time wisely and made her Halloween Costume for this years school disco.


Please note that although she looks like she’s hating every moment of this - I actually told her she had to look serious and she’s taken me at my word.

Anyway back to the costume – I borrowed a jacket off of a friend, plus added a pair of black tracksuit trousers that she already had, my husband’s tie and one of her older brothers shirts.  The top hat was recycled from another friend’s ringmasters costume (minus the red band).


Luckily the only bit we had to actually make was the shovel – it is a piece of square cardboard with the cardboard inner of some wrapping paper stuck to the back of it.  We spent a fun hour covering the whole thing in black duct/gaffer tape.  We drew the wording freehand in pencil onto baking paper,  and covered the letters and paper in white duct tape.  We then turned the baking paper over and cut the letters out (you can see the letters through the paper).  By cutting out the back of the paper it means the letters will be the right way round. We then peeled off the paper and stuck them onto the shovel.

Now all I’ve got to find is a pair of black boots in a size 6 and she’ll be ready!