Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Busy Month

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last month.  I’ve been designing and organising some craft kits to sell, watch this space over the next couple of weeks for some sneak previews. 

Back to the crafting I have actually been doing.  I’ve subscribed to Simply Crochet and have been steadily working my way through the patterns in their first issue.  I don’t think there is a pattern I didn’t like in the magazine!

Firstly my little dragon:


It’s not quite finished yet, I need to add some wings and some horns to it, but I’ve run out of fabric glue at the moment so I’ll be finishing it once that arrives.

I’ve also crocheted a granny squares beanie hat from another pattern in the magazine – here it is beautifully modelled by Daisy.


And then finally, a chunky cowl, finished just in time for the chilly weather that has had us shivering. By the time I took this photo Daisy had got fed up with modelling:


She refused to come out until I promised her that I wouldn’t take a photo of her face, so here is a photo of just the cowl.


The cowl was really great to crochet, although using a hook fatter than my thumb took a little bit of getting used to.  The best bit is that it grew so quickly, I managed to finish it within a couple of days, oh yes and the fact that it’s so warm I think I’m going to live in it until at least April!

Anyone else completely hooked on crochet at the moment?