Thursday, 24 January 2013

Best Laid Plans... and Simply Homemade

Do you ever have those days where all your plans go awry?

Today I'd planned on making a lunch bag for my daughter's birthday present using the gorgeous owl fabric in my Crafty Creatives box, but firstly I had a meeting. I thought that the meeting wouldn't take too long and I could get on with my sewing, but - it went on until 11.30 (partly due to the fact that we are both crafters and we had to look at and admire the quilts each of us were making). This wasn't a problem, as I had the whole afternoon to sew, so I headed to my desk. But then the doorbell rang, it was my plumber - 3 weeks later than he'd promised, but as my tap was still leaking and my stopcock had still seized up I let him in to fix things.  He left and I crept towards my craft room, but this time my phone rang and I ended up at another friend's house to help him put some photos on his website. I left his house just in time to jump into the car and go to get Daisy from school - sigh, no sewing for me today.

So instead of my planned post showing what I'd made with this months CC box, I thought I'd share the new  issue of Simply Homemade, which has a series of floor cushions/beanbags that I designed and made for them:


These were such fun to make - richly coloured corduroy with bright jewel felt hearts blanket stitched on - all I can say is YUM!  My favourite is the square floor cushion, just because of the lovely pompom trim around the edges.

Fingers crossed I will get back to my sewing machine tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to share my Crafty Creatives post!