Monday, 24 June 2013

Cardboard Earring Display Template

For a while I made jewellery which I sold at craft fairs, but since I’ve discovered my love of fabric and yarn is all-encompassing, I’ve decided that the jewellery has to go!  Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding it to my Etsy shop at clearance prices, basically because I need the space to fill with more fabric!

I decided to take some photos of the jewellery, but couldn’t find a prop I liked to show it off.  Then I found a template for making my own cardboard necklace display stand on Pinterest and voila here is my necklace stand.


Now that was all very well, but the colour of my card was too light to show off the necklace, so I grabbed some crepe paper & covered the cardboard.


Much nicer don’t you think?  Well now my next problem was that some of the sets I had to sell also had earrings.  So I grabbed some more cardboard, messed about with shapes and here is my solution:


I then changed the words:

and then tried a little subliminal messaging:

But then I decided that there was too much cardboard and too little earring on show, so I adjusted the template again:

Anyway enough of my creative process, here is the template I used to make them.

Copy and paste this template, and print it out on an A4 sheet of cardboard, and you can make your very own stand.  Cut along the lines, and crease and then fold along the dotted lines. Thread some ribbon or string through the bottom two holes and pull it together to make it stand up.  The letters are back to front as I printed it out on the reverse of the card, that way you can’t see all of the template lines – clever eh!

Hope it’s useful for you