Monday, 3 June 2013

Giant Fabric Snakes and Ladders– Tutorial

Several months ago I decided that what my nephews couldn’t live without was a giant snakes and ladders game, big enough for them to use themselves as counters. 


Annoyingly this is the only photo I took of the finished game, sorry for the poor quality, I should really have ironed it before photographing it.

Right here is a quick guide to how I made it:

Firstly cut out your fabric – you will need quite a lot of fabric, I used 36 squares, each about 14” x 14”.  I was lucky enough to win a bundle of blue fabrics in giveaway a few months ago and with the addition of a few fabrics from my stash, I had enough to make it with.


Lay them out on your table to see how they look.

Next print out or draw lots and lots of numbers.  I printed 4 numbers on a landscape sheet of A4 paper, and this seemed to fit well in the squares.  Next trace the numbers onto bondaweb, (remember to trace them in reverse otherwise your numbers will be backwards when you stick them on) iron them onto some white cotton and cut them out.


Here is my pile of fabrics and numbers.

Your next job is to iron the numbers into the centre of each square, and then the time consuming bit – use a zig zag stitch to outline each of the numbers.  I used to bright blue thread so it stands out from the numbers.  Sorry no photo of this step, but I’m sure you can get the idea from my main photo.

Start to sew your squares together


Make sure you sew them in the right order as you want number 7 to be above number 6, so the rows go back and forth.

I used some felt to make the word Win on the final square, just to make it different from the other squares.
Once you’ve sewn them all together, you can either hem all around the outside edge or you can back it with another large piece of fabric.  I used a cheap patterned poly cotton to back it with. 

Next make and decorate some snakes and ladders from felt to place on the game.  This was my daughters job as she really wanted to help.



We made 2 snakes and 2 ladders, both different sizes, but you can make as many as you like.

So there you go, a giant snakes and ladders game.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer them.