Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cross Stitch Instant Downloads

I have been crafting over the last few weeks, and a few times I’ve tried to write a blog post about it, but words seem to be playing tricks on me and hiding somewhere deep inside my brain and refusing to come out, no matter how much chocolate I try to bribe them with.  It seems that the longer I’m absent on here for the harder it is to write anything that makes any sense at all!

So today I thought I’d keep the words to a minimum and share a couple of photos of some cross stitch patterns that I have been designing:


This one is called “Through the Square Window: Animals” and is a collection of 9 cartoon animals.


And this one is “Game On! Retro joystick” based on a drawing by my son.

Both are very different styles, but both patterns are available as an instant download in my Etsy shop priced at a very reasonable £2.70 and £2.03.

Now my first post for a while is over I’m hoping that words will come a bit easier – we shall see!