Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fabric Doorstops

Didn't get any further with the padded christmas trees, instead I started making some rice-filled doorstops to take to the market on Saturday.  I first made these doorstops when we moved into our present house.  All of the doors are self-closing which really drove me mad at first, and rather than changing the hinges, I made some doorstops using fabric from a Moda charm pack. This time I've used Denim and a cream calico drill fabric as they hold their shape better due to the heavier fabric weight.

I added the pink gingham heart using bondaweb & then I used a close zig-zag stitch to go around the edge of it.  The only snag with this fabric is the colour transfer as it is a really dark denim.  I think I'll have to put a label on it suggesting that whoever buys it should put something underneath it.  Really don't want any claims for carpet cleaning!

Shouldn't have those problems with this one.
Another view of the same one:

Not sure which of the two I prefer, I think maybe the denim has it, but that's likely to be because I love my jeans. Each is about 4" square.

As I've said they are filled with rice (1kg filled each nicely) and just topped it off with some toy stuffing to fill it right to the top.  Useful and kind to bare feet too.