Sunday, 7 November 2010

Christmas Stockings

Decided that today was the day I was going to cut into my beautiful Christmas fabric, and although it was hard to do as I love it so much, I'm pleased I did.  Here are the results:

I followed a pattern at Seamzine blog.  I printed it out at an A3 size and then added another 3" at the top as I wanted it to be slightly longer than their pattern.  The pattern itself was pretty easy to follow, although I do still have to unpick one seam on the blue one as I managed to stitch the lining in back to front, but that was just me having a ditzy moment, nothing to do with the pattern.  I've got enough fabric to make another 4 or 5 so it looks like my stall on 20th November may have a few stockings to sell.

The good news with doing festive crafts this early is that I'm getting into the holiday mood a bit earlier than usual - maybe this year will be the year I finally get organised and not have to dash around the shops on Christmas Eve, but then again maybe not!


  1. They are lovely! Sure they will go down well on your stall. (The red ones are my faves)x

  2. Wonderful! Great to see them in different fabrics. x

  3. Love them - I too have printed off the pattern, but that's as far as it goes so far!xx