Monday, 29 November 2010

My Favourite Christmas Decorations

As it's too cold for me to sit at my kitchen table and sew (don't ask - storage heaters & a door that doesn't fit properly!), I thought today I'd share my favourite Christmas decorations with you.  These have all been with me for about 10 years, and I love each and every one of them.

This one was made for me by my aunt.  The triangles are filled with stuffing and its edged with ribbon.  She also made this one for me too:
It's not a brilliant photo I'm afraid, but the bells are made up from panels of fabric.  Plastic bells and ribbons hang down from each one & the fabric bells get larger as they go down.

This next decoration is from a kit by Bucilla.  I bought it years ago, and started making it, but it was one of those things that never get finished.  Luckily my mum-in-law came to the rescue and spent many hours hand stitching every sequin and felt piece together. 
Don't you think she is very clever?

Finally this is the only decoration I can lay claim to making.  Again it's a kit from Bucilla, and again I bought it years ago when my eldest was tiny.  Only this time I did finish it.  Every sequin, every stitch was hand sewn by me, a complete labour of love and every year I get it out and am amazed I actually had the patience to make it.
Let me know if you've got favourite decorations, I'd love to see them and hear the stories behind them.