Friday, 26 November 2010

More Christmas Decorations

I'm really really trying to get myself in the Christmas mood, so I made some more felt decorations today. 

Firstly I finished the snowman I started a few days back:

I used black seed beads for his eyes and buttons, and used clear ones on his hat.

I also found a fantastic tutorial for felt Christmas puddings over at the wonderful Crafty Helen @ Home blog(click here for the tutorial) and decided to make some small ones to hang on my tree. 

This tiny one is made from a circle the size of a candle votive, and I used seed beads to make the holly berries.  I've used a 10p piece so that you can get an idea of how tiny the pudding worked out!  I then made a slightly bigger one from the base of a candle holder, and this time used larger beads to make the holly berries.

They were really good fun to make, and so simple.  All I need now is some glittery thread to make hangers from and I think they'll really look good on my tree.

Finally I found a new use for the felt balls I made the other day:
A teeny tiny snowman.  A very colourful chap wouldn't you say!