Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Purses and Scarf Knitting

Quiet day on the crafts front today, because my youngest 2 children have been off school with a tummy bug.  Luckily the sickness part of the bug had finished by last night, so although I had to be on hand, I was not needed for any yucky stuff!

My 6 year old loves crafts so she was happy to sit at the table making cards for her friends and writing stories while I  made a couple more purses for the market on Saturday.

I saw crazy patchwork somewhere recently, (and can't for the life of me remember where I saw it) but I liked the look of it and thought I'd have a bash with the contents of my scrap bag.  I made both sides similar, here is the reverse:
I've lined them with white poly cotton, and added a bit of ribbon on the zip.  Quick and simple to do with children around.

The other thing I've been doing of an evening is knitting myself a scarf.  I saw this wool in a shop on Sunday and thought it would make an interesting scarf.
Its not very clear from the photo, but its quite lacy.  The reason being is I used larger needles than recommended  (I wish I could say because I'd aimed for a lacy look, but really it's because I get bored quickly & wanted to knit something quickly).  Its about half as long as I'd like, so hopefully a few more days & it should be done.

Just thought I'd leave you with an image of a card my daughter made me while we were sitting at the kitchen table together - its lovely & cheerful and was just what I needed.