Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Monster Effort

Yippee, have finally finished making the monsters and bags I started weeks ago!

So, a family portrait of them all:

I'm hoping to sell them at the Christmas Craft Fair I'm doing in Wimborne on 20th November.  However I will probably take a couple up to the local country market on Saturday and see if anyone is interested. 

Am also turning my mind towards Christmas decorations and am wondering what I should make.  This year I'm at a bit of a loss.  I've bought some gorgeous fabrics from Fabricworm,

but they're so nice I really want to make something special with them.  Am leaning toward Christmas stockings, but just wondered what anyone else was planning on making this year?  Has anyone found any gorgeous patterns? 


  1. Love the monster bags - the group pic is fab :)

    I tend to make my christmas stuff from felt - tree decs/garlands. However with fabrics that gorgeous I'd be tempted to make stockings to show the designs off.

  2. Those bags are brilliant! Did you just draw the monsters then make up a softie version to go with the bag? I genuinely think these are amazing. What a clever idea. I bet they are a complete sell out.

    Love your fabric although I dont really have many ideas for what to make. You could make gift bags and stockings but apart from that Im never sure what to do with Xmas fabric (although I will be keeping an eye on your comments to see if anyone else has any good ideas!) :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. The monsters are actually copyright free shapes you can download into photoshop & use how you like. I just sized them to how big I needed & pieced them together from there.

    I'm actually terrible at drawing (unless its stick men) - I usually get my 12 year old to draw anything I need!

  4. The monsters and bags are a great idea! Love them x

  5. I love the monsters and matching bags, they would make fantastic presents! Love the fabric too, off to have a nosy at fabric worm! Just found your blog btw, it's full of gorgeous things, will be coming back again soon! :) x

  6. Hi Jenevieve, glad that you've found my blog thanks to you and Amy for your kind comments on my monster bags. They should be in my online shop in the next couple of days if anyone is interested.

  7. I love your monster bags, how fun are they! Strange seeing Wimborne, I grew up in Dorchester so it warms my heart to see 'local' names. Also, could you email me your address so that I can forward your details to your Secret Santa (mark70andemma68(at)

    Many thanks for taking part.

    Emma x