Thursday, 2 December 2010

Preparing For Christmas

Yesterday the Wiltshire scrapstore came to our school.  They collect waste from manufacturing companies, and then go round schools and childrens groups selling it.  They have lots of offcuts of felt, plastics, fabric, corks, you name it they have it at some point.  The only thing is that you cannot sell anything made from it.  Its so cheap that we often fill a large carrier bag with "stuff", come home & make and do for hours.  This time they had a lot of felt cut into strips and were selling it as felt chains for £1.50.  So I bought some and made it into these paper felt chains.
Obviously they will not be living permanently on my kitchen cupboards, I'm going to find a bare corner for it to live in.  I really love the way its turned out though, may try to remember this idea for next year and make some more. 

I've also been making some lavender bags to sell at the country market on Saturday. 

I made a few more Christmas Puddings to give to my friends.  This time I needle-felted the white and leaves on & used a tiny red pompom which I stuck on with fabric glue.
Procrastination over, tomorrow I really must get down to doing at least one of the huge list of things I've got on my to-do-before-Christmas list.