Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Mad Week!

After a bit of a disastrous week which involved amongst other things, a sick bug (& an accompanying sleepless night), a sore throat/temperature bug, 2 school plays, 2 days of working, a carol concert, a hospital trip to check on my sons broken thumb and NO SEWING MACHINE - I've finally managed to get my secret Santa swap organised, wrapped and parcelled up. 

I'm quite relieved as for once I'd been a smidgen more organised than usual, and had already finished making and collecting the gifts before my machine broke and before the usual Christmas school madness began.

I have as yet not made it to the post office to post it, but that is a job for the morning - it should then be winging its way with lots of handmade love to the recipient, who I'm hoping will enjoy the things I've put in there.

Good luck to everyone else with your last minute Christmas madness