Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

What a lovely start to Christmas.  I'd signed up for the secret Santa swap at It's all about the Fabric and yesterday I received a wonderful package from Bonnie at Fat Chick Design. (Great Blog, if you've not visited I'd recommend it)

I'm determined to put them under the tree and wait until Christmas day before opening them, but surely opening one little one wouldn't hurt?

Some gorgeous fabric - how exciting - beautiful colours which will fit in perfectly with other bits already in my stash.  Hmm maybe I'll just open one more...
Ooh yummy, some chocolate to nibble on while I'm sewing.  I wonder what the soft squishy one is, maybe I'll just have a peak...
A gorgeous felt decoration - perfect for my tree, but equally as lovely after Christmas.  Oh, I seemed to have opened most of the presents now, I guess there's no point in keeping the others wrapped...

And the last book shaped one in the lovely Christmassy paper:

Wow, what a fantastic santa swap.  So thank you to Bonnie & thank you to Emma for arranging the swap, and thank you to all my lovely readers for your comments since I've started this blog.

Just want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope that your New Year brings you everything you wish for.