Thursday, 16 December 2010

Teachers gifts and Sizzix Dies

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my two youngest, and its that time of year when thoughts turn to teachers gifts.  This year I've bought the two teachers bulbs in a basket to grow.  It looked a bit plain and boring so I thought I'd jazz it up a bit.  This is how one of them looked before (forgot to take a photo of the other one before I'd done it)

And this is how they look afterwards. 

I weaved (wove?) a length of red gingham through the basket and then tied a knot at the front with another length of red gingham.  A bit more festive than they were before.  For the teaching assistants I've made small Christmas purses (like the ones I made here) and filled two with chocolate coins, and the other one with a felt flower brooch, as one of the TA's loved the one I made for my daughter.

Last weekend I treated myself to a Sizzix Big Shot cutter and some dies (my treat for working every Saturday for the last 3 months!)  I've been playing with it and these are the things I've made.

A cupcake or three!

Some horses.

The detail is just added with some fabric paint I've had knocking around for ages.  As I am sewing machine-less at the moment I haven't yet decided what to make from them, perhaps the horses may turn into a pencil case and the single cupcake into a bag (yes that is the leg of a pair of jeans that I cut off for my son when it was hot and he needed shorts!)  Am thinking of making a frilled apron with a cupcake on the pocket, but that is most definitely a project for after the holidays.