Monday, 22 August 2011

The 2nd A&E trip of the holidays, a go kart & vehicle doorstops.

Right, I’m back from the second trip to A&E of the holidays, this time for Mr D&D, who was building this rather cool go-kart for the children and managed to break his finger when the saw hit a knot in the wood and kicked the wood back at him.


Tomorrow’s day out is to the plastic surgery trauma clinic!  And there was me thinking that it was the riding of go-karts that was dangerous!

In between providing sympathy, I did manage to get out & buy the latest copy of Simply Homemade magazine.


Which has these patterns I designed in it:



In case you can’t tell from the photos, they are a series of 4 doorstops, each with a vehicle appliqued onto them.  I like the London bus best, but my second favourite is the VW van.  They’re quite time-consuming to make, but the finished doorstops are really worth it.