Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Not such a lucky break & Magazines for sale

Poor Mr D&D – he’s still having a bad time with his broken finger.  The hospital have told him he needs an operation on it and so tomorrow we’ve got to be up at the crack of dawn to go to the hospital for him to have the bone wired back together.  The most annoying thing for him is that he’s on a weeks holiday from work & has spent most of it going backwards and forwards to the hospital!  In hindsight it would have been much easier to just go out and buy a go-kart!

I’ve just added a few of my old copies of Sew Hip onto The Fabric Market Place.  They’re all priced at £1.50 with £1.50 P&P.  I’m trying to get organised and need to make some room so I can buy new magazines!

I’ve put the following issues on there:

Issue 22SewHip22

Issue 23

sewhip 23

Issue 24

Sew Hip 24

and Issue 26

sew hip 26

Not quite sure where I’ve hidden issue 25 – but when I find it I’ll probably add it to the website too.  I’m fairly sure I’ve got some really old issues of the magazine hidden around the house somewhere too.  Wish I was a tidy person!