Sunday, 21 August 2011

Best Dressed Tea Pot

I am just back from a lovely week in Wales.  After 6 years of camping, this year we went slightly upmarket & booked ourselves a caravan.  What a revelation – no more walking across damp fields to use the loo, no more having to wrap up with 10 layers as no matter what time of year it is, the nights are always freezing, and best of all, when it rained, the caravan didn’t spring a leak!

As I say we haven’t been in a caravan for a long time, but did you know they now have central heating? They are also much taller, which is a bonus for my hubby who at 6ft 4 & who only managed to bang his head a couple of times in the whole week.

As I couldn’t live a week without crafting, this year I took some wool, some crochet hooks and continued my love affair with crochet.




Have you guessed that I’m completely addicted to making tea cosies? The bottom one is my favourite, but I do love the bright acid colours of the granny style ones. 

Oh yes, a bit more excitement before I go – I made my first sale on The Fabric Market Place.  I’d put a couple of unwanted sewing magazines on there, and they sold.  If you haven’t visited, then its well worth a look, an online site just dedicated to all things fabric.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend