Friday, 15 October 2010

Back to sewing

Yippee - today I managed to do some sewing!  My machine was beginning to think I'd abandoned it.

Firstly I got all of my bags ready for tomorrow's market.  I'm taking 3 of the monster bags again, but this time I have the felt monsters to go in them.  Fingers crossed, with Christmas fast approaching, I may get some sales.  I've also got a couple of backpacks, two lunchboxes, a couple of the lovely shopping bags (which I'm secretly hoping won't sell & then I get to keep them), some doorstops and a shoulder bag, which hasn't yet featured on my blog. 

I'm hoping that there will be more people there tomorrow as it is the 20th birthday of the market and they are having a grand opening, with ribbon cutting, free coffee & cake!  Will let you know what happens.

The other thing I have done today is to make 2 scarves.

I had a bit of cotton batting left over from making a quilt and so decided that as the weather is getting a bit chilly now, quilting would be a good idea for a scarf.  I used the fabric I received yesterday, and was quite pleased when it only took me about half an hour for each scarf.  Here is a closer view of them.
I used a curvy stitch on my machine to do the quilting and just ran it length ways up the scarf.  They are slightly stiffer than I'd like, but am hoping after a gentle wash that the fabric will soften up. (no - I didn't wash it before I made them - I'm much too impatient for that!)

I've also got on with part of the pumpkin costume - but am saving that for a later post.  Plus I want to make sure it works before I put a tutorial up!  But without giving too much away ... it's very orange!!!