Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pumpkin Costume and Gorgeous Fabric

No blog post yesterday as my wonderful children decided to share their stomach bug with me.  I was not impressed to say the least! 

So today, to cheer me up, I went to Fabricland in Salisbury again.  I seem to spend most of my life (and my money) in there.  My excuse for this visit was that my daughter has asked for a pumpkin costume for the Halloween school party next week.  Halloween falls in half term, so the school are having a fundraising party the week before.  So, I needed to get some orange fabric.  I found the most beautiful fabric

I think she will be the most glamorous pumpkin ever!  Am not quite sure how I'm going to make the costume yet - am thinking it may involve wire or a hula hoop to create the shape, but am still pondering over the options.  Any ideas would be welcome.  It needs to be fairly quick and easy to make as I also need to make a costume for one of my sons, plus as I'm a helper at the party, I need a costume too.  I think what I really need is an extra hour in each day - or perhaps I can give up sleeping!

The other great thing that happened today was that I received my order of fabric from Fabric Rehab

This cream fabric (Pure Love Heart) is to make scarves for myself & my daughter, maybe with a fleece lining, I'm not sure yet.

this mini blues and green bundle is to make some more small purses 

I'm not sure what I'm planning with the two Moda Freebird bundles, but I knew I just had to have them.  Am thinking along the lines of a quilt, but think I may need to just have them on my shelf & look at them every so often, until inspiration strikes.