Saturday, 30 October 2010

Christmas Fun

As I've not managed to do much crafting this week, I thought I'd share our Christmas plans with you all. 

Several years ago we decided that for the adults in our family we would only buy presents costing £2.  This lead to some of the funniest and most useful presents we've ever had (Sock clips anyone?).  After a couple of years we got a bit bored and began to have themes, so far we've had "handmade" and "recycled".  This year we've taken things further & all presents have to be free - yep you heard right, completely and utterly FREE!

Now, if you are a member of my family, and are expecting oodles of free gorgeousness, please STOP READING NOW, for fear of spoiling the anticipation you have ready for 25th of December.  Others of you are welcome to read on:

These freebies have been sourced mainly on the internet but also through visiting stands in shopping centres, completing surveys, and through entering competitions.

As we are getting closer to Christmas with all the special offers in the shops, I'm also planning on adding some Buy One Get One free offers to this selection. 

If any one's interested, comment below & then I'll even share how you can gift a safari experience (of a sort!) for £2!

PS - This is what happened when I left my 10 year old son & husband alone with a pumpkin and a sharp knife - Just thought I'd share!