Friday, 22 October 2010

Bat Mask Template

Tonight is the Halloween party at my youngest two children's school.  I have been roped into helping the children to decorate masks.  To that end I've spend many hours over the last two days drawing & cutting out masks for them to decorate.  I've made 54!  My fingers are so sore from cutting out & my cutting mat has many new slices out of it from the craft knife I used to cut the eyes out!  Here are all the masks:

Somebody else has cut out another 45ish so hopefully we have enough in case every child in the school wants to make a mask, if not we're taking spare card to make some more.

So as I'm feeling generous I thought I'd share the template for the bat mask in case anyone out there needs a halloween craft to do with their children.  My 12 year old son who is very talented at art drew the pattern for me.

I am hoping that if you click on it & print it out as A4 size that it'll come out ok.  I've never tried this before, so please let me know if it doesn't work, or if you know a better way for me to add a template.
Hope that you'll find a use for the pattern & I'd love to see photos of any masks you make from it.